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Losing Weight With Oprah

In 2016 my weight loss journey began full throttle after I was chosen to share my weight loss story with O Magazine. I was put on the April cover with brave women alongside Oprah and the rest was history.

It has been quite a wild ride of highs and lows. Now I am 50lbs lighter with a new attitude. I have a passion for fitness and I have since become a vegetarian. Before I got to this point I had to rely on a tribe that I want to acknowledge because there is no way I could have done this alone. Here is how I got support to shed the weight over the course of the 2016- 2017 year.

O Magazine 


They provided resources, gifts and opened the doors for me to get the support I needed in my weight loss journey. When I hosted the Living With Heart Workshop with Laughing Lotus they also provided each guest a copy of O magazines April issue. In addition at the Sisterhued Wellness Retreat each attendee received a April issue.



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Gifted from O magazine, I had a one year membership to Equinox on 76th street and Amsterdam. The team was wonderful there from the class instructors to childcare. Boy oh boy do I miss those showers filled with awesome Kiehl’s product. I always left there glowing.


I had the Up 3 provided by O magazine to help me keep track of my steps along the way.



By mid year I began a training program with TMPL gym tailored to my body and lifestyle. They monitored my body fat, caloric intake, weight and muscle to give me the best outcome for success. I was given a nutritional guide and worked out with my incredible trainer Rob Hrapchak weekly.

As the year was coming to an end I got additional training with Marcella Mello to add in some different approaches to training style. When exercising it’s always good to change it up once in awhile although Rob was still my main man.


Danielle DeSimone was my nutritional guide who I sat down with as she guided me in the right direction of a meal plan for the week. My time with them had been incredibly invaluable and I was able to enjoy a membership sponsored by them for one year.


Fiji has been a generous sponsor in supporting my fitness events this past year. They kept everyone hydrated at Sisterhued’s Fall Into Fitness event .After some deep stretches and meditation guest at my Living With Heart workshop with Laughing Lotus enjoyed Fiji water.

22 Days Nutrition


Early on in my journey 22 Days Nutrition sponsored me by providing my vegan protein powder and bars throughout the year. 22 Days Nutrition provided healthy protein bars to Sisterhued‘s Fall Into Fitness Event gift bag and snack table.

Old Navy


After shedding so much weight I was out of wardrobe options. Old Navy provided me a variety of items from new workout clothes to work pants. I was so grateful for the new threads.

Riders By Lee 


I was able to track my size in inches through my Riders By Lee Jeans. When I dropped in size I was able to request a new pair. No matter the size I always look good and the brand always encourages women to love the skin you’re in.

A look ahead

Now I have to take what I have learned and apply it. I still have setbacks by I know it’s best to keep moving forward. I remember vividly in December of 2015 saying to myself I am gonna lose weight with Oprah. I was speaking it into existence and I am grateful the way my dreams came true. Click To Tweet

My thoughts now in December of 2017 is what’s next.. how can I dream beyond my wildest dream because I feel like I had already lived that over the course of this year.

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Look At Us Now

Oprah Magazine 

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I am On The Cover of O Magazine

The amount of shock you have right now is multiplied by 100% for me because it is the most surreal experience I have been through right up there with seeing my son’s face for the first time when he was born. I am excited and honored to be chosen as one of the rare few people featured on the cover of O Magazine.

O Magazine April 2016 Cover

I know this was beyond the brilliant mind of Adam Glassman and the creative team at O magazine or a vision Oprah or Gayle had. This was a moment chosen by God and that’s coming from a non religious person such as myself.

Here is a close up of me on the cover.

Becoming A Covergirl

Well the day I shot the cover of O magazine I was coming up on the one year anniversary of my husbands death. It may have been a year to the last date that I told him I loved him. That week wasn’t great for me at all prior to the shoot. First it was a crazy snowstorm in New York City. Then I was completely sad especially since my son had spent nights waking in tears over losing his dad.

Chatting with Gayle, Adam and Oprah behind the scenes.

Shoot day came and I met Gayle, I was thrilled she knew me by name and I was eager to share my story and life with her. Shortly after to everyone’s surprise we met Oprah. Meeting Oprah and Gayle in one day crossed a line off my bucket list! What would come next was the biggest surprize of them all. Oprah was not only in the photos with myself and all the other lovely women but one photo would be the COVER issue of April 2016.

We are jamming out to Adele
All of us pose with creative director Adam Glassman

In that moment life’s thoughts rushed to my face, in fact it’s happening now and tears fell which led to sobs. Why? My husband and I were married April 16th in 2009 and all the parallels in the timing of everything just feels like a gift from God and a big hug from my husband.

Dreams coming to fruition

It’s a wrap! Me, Michelle and Oprah clink glasses

As the shoot came to a close we toasted to its success and to Oprah’s upcoming birthday over champagne. We knew the journey ahead and it was a sense of being in it together. For me it was beyond anything I could have dreamed.

Melissa and Me

Since college Me and my best friend Melissa would talk about how we were going to grow up and be just like Oprah and Gayle. We admired their friendship and the powerful impact they made in the world. Me and Melissa had been through alot in our lives and often looked to them for courage.

Now those same two women (Oprah and Gayle) hand picked ME, lifted my spirits in the lowest and worst time of my life and encouraged me even more to keep fighting. They didn’t know the impact they were making on me at the time, only God could know that.

Moving Forward

My hope moving forward is that in sharing about my life in the pages of O magazine you are able to be inspired and encouraged the way I have been over the year. If you are struggling with your weight, fighting with your significant other or spouse about their health, a widow whatever your story know you are never alone. There are so many ways to seek guidance and support in whatever your life story is.This is my story and I am excited to share this journey with you.

Behind the scenes footage

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