My Setback Of A 8 Pound Weight Gain From Emotional Eating

Having been on a weight loss journey it’s never a surprize when I have a set back especially because I know I haven’t been eating clean or exercising like I should. Since January I have been on a “eat whatever I want” diet. That means sugar intake through honey, brown sugar, cake, cookies and alcohol. I have had negative fat and carb intake through foods like rice, mac and cheese, white bread, pancakes, waffles, Wendy’s, McDonald and comfort foods I love but have avoided eating at all cost.

Some days were an indulgence and other days a binge. I have begun to emotionally eat again and now is confession time because changes need to be made. What I have learned on my weight loss journey is I must constantly love and take care of myself.  Any imbalance of emotional, physical and financial factors in my life will show up on the scale. When I am not centered I lose course and the snowball of bad decision from what I put in my body to how I spend my time take effect.

So here I am 8 pounds heavier and feeling totally disappointed with myself. My goal by now was to at least have a flat stomach but instead I have a muffin top spilling over my jeans.

After looking back at my photos from the Living With Heart Yoga Workshop I thought to myself it’s time to face my life head on. That day was a great day to reset and it did open up my awareness to the changes I had to make.

My love life, finances and career is not where I want it to be at nearly 37 years old, just 3 years away from 40! Every time I settle into a life of mediocrity and excuses it leads to a downward spiral I have to pull myself out of. With the knowledge and free resources I have I will be on a quest to stop being insane! Insanity= Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

So here we go… going through the same thing.

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