An organic beverage I can stand behind, now that’s Honest Tea

Honest Tea

On my health journey I have focused so much on what has been going in my body particularly what I am using to hydrate. These days I absolutely love drinking Honest Tea and I also give it to DJ.

Honest Kids Apple Juice

There are so many flavors and varieties of Honest beverages to go with the refreshing taste. What’s more you will find an exceptional amount of transparency within the Honest Tea brand. You can find their mission and a link to their original business plan right on the site. So in the spirit of being just as truthful let me share that the following post is sponsored however words and opinions are my own.  

Honest Tea is USDA organic, Orthodox Union Kosher and Fair Trade certified. It is also Gluten free with no “GMO’s and only sweetened with real fruit. I think what sets their teas apart is their brewing process because they are steeped in hot water before chilled like how our grandma’s used to make it. The best part for me is the very low amount of calories and sugar of course.If you haven’t seen all their offerings you can find it at

This past week I was sent a variety of Honest Tea samples all of which I equally enjoyed. Based on what I was eating or my activity level I’d then determine what to drink because yes I do meal plan.

Honest Teas

Honey Green Tea and Pomegranate Blue Flavored Herbal Teas were sweet in taste so I drank it with salty, spicy and tart foods. The Unsweet Peach Ginger Tea had a very faint hint of a sweet taste which I drank with a sweet snack.


Honest Sport

After long days on my feet or workouts Honest Sport was perfect in the orange and lemon flavors. I chugged them and it did the trick to keep me hydrated, energized kept my migraines at bay. I gave the berry flavors to DJ after school and it hydrated him well too.

Honest Sport

,As a mom I have used Honest Kids for years because  of all the health conscience benefits. DJ enjoys every flavor at anytime from apple juice at breakfast to super fruit punch for that drink before bed.

Honest Kids

Over the past week life for us has been filled with long school days, kid blog events, doctor appointments, halloween and birthday parties. Quite often I had to pack lunch or snacks on the go for me and DJ. I would grab us both two drinks and put it in the lunch bag with an ice pack.

Honest Kids

This has been a lifesaver because DJ simply cannot deal with being thirsty and I am a mess when I am dehydrated, can you say mom for the win! (For now)

Goodness Grapeness… I put my straw in the wrong hole, ha, ha. I am not letting that stop me from drinking my juice.

I try my best to hold everything together as a single mom but I do know things in my life and around me I can’t control. Me and my son’s nutrition is something I can steer in the right direction. I am happy to have found an organic beverage I can stand behind, now that’s #refreshingly Honest Tea!

For more information on Honest Tea you can visit their site through the links and find products at your local retailer. 


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