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5 Tips For Getting The Kids Back-To-School Without Losing Your Mind

Parents are in a full-blown back-to-school preparedness mode. Homeschoolers like myself are not only looking for basic supplies, we are shopping for our curriculums, and teacher supplies too. For parents with kids in ‘traditional’ schools, you might be staring at that supply list with dread. Boy, do I remember those days. I think it’s safe to say every parent or guardian wants to save time and sanity. With these tips, you will save yourself some headache in no time.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned are either affiliate links, gifted or presented to me by the companies listed below. Words and opinions are my own except where stated ‘expert’.

5 Flipp That Shopping List

Whether on the computer or mobile device you can utilize Flipp to streamline the best place to shop for your supplies. Flipp allows you to compare circulars, store coupons, and the dreaded shopping list all in one place. This includes curriculum for your homeschoolers. I entered ‘curriculum’ in the search and Flipp gave me a list of places I could buy it at my local retailers. Here is a tutorial video of how it works:

Back to School Savings Tips from Lauren Greutman, Savings Expert at Flipp

Tricks for parents to keep in mind throughout the school year when it comes to saving on their child(ren)โ€™s school supplies:

  • Student Discount: Take advantage of student discounts to get a certain percentage off your purchase of clothing, electronics and more.
  • Price Matching: Some retailers will match competitor prices if you are able to find a new, currently available lower price elsewhere. Plus, some retailers will discount the item by an additional 10%! 
  • Apps to Help You Save: Use Flipp to find the best prices in your area. Create your shopping list, share it with your spouse, and you are on your way to saving a lot of money. Flipp is a free shopping app and website that brings circulars, coupons and deals right to your phone so you can plan your weekly shopping trip and save time and money each week.
  • Buy Now, Use Later: During back to school season, you can typically find great deals on crayons, paint sets and markers. I often stock up on these during back to school season and save them until my kids birthday parties and put them in the kids goody bags that come.
  • Solo Shopping: Keep the kids at home when school shopping and skip the trendy character patterned notebooks. You will save more money making a list and going without the kids.
  • Where to Shop: Donโ€™t forget about the drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. These stores offer very competitive sales as long as you are signed up for their loyalty programs.
  • Splurge-worthy Items: Parents should splurge on more expensive backpacks and lunch pails.  The same lunch pail and backpack can last your child their entire schooling.

4 Go Back to Class Too

You must be thinking what is she talking about taking classes, I am not the one going back to school. But I am referring to Classpass, the app that connects you with gyms, spa services, bike rentals and so much more.

After choosing the monthly plan you prefer, you gain access to facilities you wouldn’t ordinarily be spending cost on. Classpass gives you the me-time you deserve. Then you will come back to your family refreshed and ready to face the latest task head-on.

3 Reward Yourself

I don’t know about anyone else but nothing keeps DJ still like a good movie. Especially if it’s in a theater. With the AMC Stubs Premiere program, I earn rewards every time I visit. It’s a great way to spend family time while giving my mind and body a break. With the premiere account, you get can go on the specialized concessions line which should typically be shorter and quicker. I can’t say my local theater has this down packed yet but in other locations, this is the case. You also save by getting free upgrades on popcorn. The latest feature available in the app is ordering food and beverages ahead. Being able to skip lines and save money has been such a hassle-free and enjoyable experience I recommend to everyone.

2 Take it EZ

Yarnspiratrions Bernat Alize EZ Wool is a line of pre-looped, needle-less yarns. Choose the color of your choice and go to town making the latest hat, scarf, blanket or whatever will bring your heart content. This is the time of year everyone is running around so much. Our self-care of the body and mind gets pushed to the back burner. According to experts, did you know knitting acts as a natural anti-depressant and can help ease anxiety, depression and chronic pain? I find it to be extremely relaxing and is a great way to remain quiet while DJ is having his daily reading time. Check out my full post here on how I made the hat pictured above along with a tutorial to get you started.

1 Sleep To The Rescue

If you’re like me your to-do list keeps you up at night but there is no debating our need for adequate sleep. Rescue Plus Sleep Gummies packs an extra-strength melatonin dose for adults I swear by. They also have a full line of calming natural products the whole family can use. Just pop a gummy or two to get your body to wind down. You will be asleep in no time.

So that’s my 5 picks to keep my sanity going into the school year. Do you have any routines or products to keep zen? Leave it in the comments below.

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