Gifting The Perfect Holiday Treat: “Strawberry Hill Povitica”

One of my favorite desserts of the season

In the midst of the holiday season many people are picking up last minute treats to serve or bring to the festivities. Often times it’s hard to please everyone so the best bet is choosing a dessert to please a variety of taste buds. With this is mind I had to share one of my picks not only for taste but convenience too.

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Perfect packaging to store cake at home or on the go.


Inside the box you will find Povitica stored in plastic for preservation and taste.

Strawberry Hill is offering delicious varieties of a 2.5lbs Eastern European sweet bread called Povitica (Poh-va-teet-sa).This swirled bread has been handmade in Kansas City by the O’Leary family since 1903! Povitica comes in 12 different flavors and is packaged perfectly for storage at home or to come baring gifts for businesses or at your next holiday event.

Peeking inside the plastic

I love the way it’s stored to preserve the moisture in the flavors especially because my refrigerator seems to be temperamental. When I took it out to serve my son enjoyed it straight out the fridge where as I warmed it a little in the mini convection oven base on our own preferences.

Lemon Cream

Me and DJ enjoyed Povitica’s two loaf pack with lemon cream and apple cinnamon flavors. We thought it both were equally delicious I am sure you would too. With all the varieties you can choose something everyone would love.

Apple Cinnamon

In addition to the flavors Povitica is sold in size varieties from mini all the way to eight loaf packs. To learn more about Strawberry Hill Povitica you can visit their website at for product information,  F.A.Q and more.

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