Living With Heart

A Yoga Workshop at Laughing Lotus

Set in the heart of Chelsea in New York City, Living With Heart was a yoga workshop that brought together women for an afternoon of self care. The concept began with the idea to share my story of loss and how I have overcome through using journaling and exercise such as yoga to heal my heart. Amanda Valdez and Davinia Roberts are two wonderful instructors who planned an afternoon that would take each guest including me on a journey to live with heart once it ended.


Sharing my story

The workshop began with mudras and introductions into my story and a purpose set for the day. The women had an opportunity to write a prayer and set an intention in a heart that she would in turn give up in the “give a penny take a penny” way Davinia explained. When class was done someone would go home with someone’s else’s prayer in the heart so they could pray for them.

Hearts and essential oils guest could rub on

We moved onto the yoga portion which help me to personally get out of my head and let the emotions of fear, doubt and insecurity release with each movement and HAAAAAA chant Amanda had us shout. Just let it out and let it go is what I thought to myself.

Amanda Valdez teaching Living With Heart

The flow of the workshop taught by both Amanda and Davinia flowed naturally. Each style complimenting the other in a perfect synergy.

Davinia Roberts teaching Living With Heart

We ended the yoga practice in a calm serene feel and took time to reflect once more on our thoughts putting it into a journal that read “Everything Is going to be alright“. We journaled about what we were willing to let go of. One thing I wrote in my journal was, I am willing to let go of fear.

Writing in our journals

Then we all went on a graffiti walk which was a time to write thoughts on the wall in response to questions of the heart. There were also phrases that could be read and reflected on along the walk.

On the grafitti walk

Once everyone had an opportunity to write, read and reflect we collectively read what everyone had written. We shared in our inner desires of the heart and it was uplifting to know we were not alone in our thoughts, fears and ways we want to give and receive love.

reading along the graffiti walk

Once the workshop was done everyone took home a April issue of O Magazine which they so graciously donated to the event.

O mag, April 2017

The most decadent delicious vegan treats were provided Pipernilli who sponsored through an assortment of flavors in cookies, donuts and cakes.


More snacks came sponsored from Wonderful Pistachios guest enjoyed after the workshop and also took home.

Wonderful Pistachios

We got hydrated with refreshing water sponsored by Fiji.

Fiji Water

We also enjoyed chlorophyll water sponsored from Verday.

Verday Chlorophyll Water

I had much time of reflection and recentering since the workshop ended and I want to thank everyone involved who made the day complete giving me strength to continue to live with heart.

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