Spider-man Far From Home Review

On Wednesday me and DJ previewed the upcoming Spider-Man Far from Home set to hit theaters this July 2nd. I want to thank Sony for having us out for the New York City preview. So yes folks this is a hosted review but I am gonna keep it real none the less.

For anyone seeking inspiration this is a must see. Nick Fury played by Samuel L Jackson inspired hope in a non conventional, tough love kinda way. One of my favorite lines by Nick Fury was “Bitch please, you’ve been to space” as a call to action for Peter Parker when resisting leaving his school trip. This was actually one of DJ’s favorite parts too. 🙈

Check out the trailer with my favorite line.

This one liner really sets the tone for the general feel for the movie and a metaphor of sorts for life. We need to all do better because the world needs our talents to be the change we need. I know me and DJ who is 9 going on 10 felt motivated. However I would say the audience this message can resonate with are teens and tweens as well who have just graduated this year.

MJ for the culture

Another dynamic we loved seeing unfold was the revelation that MJ (Michelle Jones NOT Mary Jane) knew Peter Parker was Spider- Man for some time. Witty, and sarcastic Michelle Jones (MJ) in this generations Spider-Man is played by Zendaya who we absolutely love in our household.

As a Marvel loving family of color we really appreciate seeing the diversity change in the cast even through the name change from Mary Jane to Michelle Jones while still paying homage to the comic books. For those lost on this point ‘MJ’ stood for Mary Jane who was Caucasian teen in the comic and earlier versions of Spider-Man movies and Michelle Jones is African American.

On the flip side of diversity that high school character wearing the du-rag left a sour taste in my mouth. What some may not know is du-rags are meant to be worn indoors by those of us with kinky curly hair trying to create a wave pattern and lay down our edges overnight while we sleep. See demo link below:

Anyone with a momma or auntie with good sense didn’t let the boys/men walk out the house in one. In fact I threaten to leave my late husband then boyfriend if I ever saw him walk out the house in a du rag again. In my opinion the research, and costume department missed the mark on that one. Can we get a teen sporting locs instead next time? Just saying.

Stars on and off screen

Comedic entertainers J.B. Smoove as Mr. Bell and Martin Starr as Mr. Harrington was a perfect on screen ensemble. They delivered the laughs between all the non stop action.

I watched the movie on digital which still managed to send me into a mind trip. There were special effects on top of special effects if that’s such a thing. I don’t know how they do it but big props for making me feel like I was wearing 3D glasses at times.

I can’t image how much wiring and green screen work Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man/Peter Parker had to do. It seems he has been working on more of his speed and agility. Bringing Jake Gyllenhall playing Quentin Beck/Mysterio into the fold also kept me on the edge of my seat, snack-less and all. (It’s near impossible for me to watch movies without snacks.)

But let’s be honest, none of this would be possible without all of the cast and crew behind the scene. The stunt workers, special effects, visual effects, and the whole crew brought everything together to create what should be one of this summers blockbusters.

Like any good Marvel loving fan knows once the movie is done, Don’t forget to stay in your seats after the credits roll. Check out Spider-Man Far from Home July 2nd!

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