The interruption of everything

Life changes in an instant. That fact has never been more clear this year. The amount of loss felt across the world and in our personal lives has brought everyone to their knees. The COVID 19 pandemic has been the interruption of everything.

For me you can add assault, cancer, and a stroke to my list of life interruptions. I have had a peeping Tom watch me and masterbate at my window. That experience will change my life forever adding to past trauma of sexual assault, and molestation that had not been dealt with. This topic is heavy and must be discussed in a different post.

Then there was cancer. I have lost loved ones to cancer with so many more around me still in their fight. (Rest in power Chadwick). My mother-in-law died of a stroke. I spent the summer with my sister-in-law assisting in her hospice care until her passing.

Now if you ask me how many people I have lost to COVID, you would be in need of a pen and paper. This month took 4 people which included my uncle we buried this past weekend.

Just when I take a step forward it seems I am getting pushed 5 steps back. You also know this feeling too well. These days when someone asks how I am, all I can say is “alive”.

Even if life as we know has drastically changed we must continue to hold on. Find our tribe of support, and hold onto those you love. Among all the loss, let us celebrate our wins.

Please be safe, wear a mask, and get tested for COVID often. While your at it be mindful of your own health and wellness. Strongly consider staying in your own home the remainder of this holiday season.

Have a happy holiday, and a safe and prosperous new year.

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