The New York Baby Show & Momtrends Blogger Lounge #AD

The New York Baby Show Experience

The largest show in the country for new and expecting parents, The New York Baby Show was held in New York City on May 20th & 21st at Pier 94. I had the pleasure of joining the Momtrends team who hosted bloggers in a lounge as we fueled up before experiencing the vast event.

As a single widowed mom of a 7 year old who is not expecting it was a pleasant surprise to find tools I could use for my not so small baby. Here were four of my favorites that parents can enjoy who have children in broad age ranges or who may be raising a singleton like me.

Disclosure: I have been compensated on this post however the selection of my favorite picks, words and views were my own.



Capturing memories is one of the greatest things we value as humans. As parents we want to be able to tell a story to our children for generations to come. One of New York Baby show sponsors Canon showcased their photo books and gave me ideas I could use to collect photos of my family when my husband was alive and for years to come. I happen to have a Canon Rebel i6 and I was stoked to check out the new i7 too! You don’t have to be a pro to use Canon cameras either which leads me to my next pick.

Class with Jennifer Borget

Jennifer Borget

Canon presented “Child’s Play: Simple Tips For Photographing Children” Taught by Jennifer Borget

Jennifer is best known as a blogger who has done an amazing job as a self taught photographer who captures her family in breath taking photos with her Canon cameras. Now the owner if Cherish 365 she pairs with Canon to teach the everyday user how to achieve these high quality photos at home.

I have long been a fan of Jennifer’s blogging style and photography work, she is one of the reasons I aspired to blog and purchase my first Canon! It was such a pleasure to finally meet her in person and learn how to go beyond my “auto” camera settings. My take away… stop trying to get DJ to pose for pictures, capture candidly in his element.

Chess At Three

DJ has a lesson with Chess At Three

I have long suspected but confirmed this week that DJ has ADHD. I was given advice to try using games like chess to help him focus. Chess At Three has a wonderful way of instructing children on the game through storytelling. Starting at three years old they send a tutor to your home to give your child a personalized lesson. There are even options to start a group class among friends. This is a resource I have to use hands down as a embark on this new journey of IEP and keeping my son on track academically. I want him to have a fun learning experience at home and this program will meet that need.


Just in the last 24 hours I had to get my son from school fighting an ear infection and fever, get him to my mom, go to the ER, get my son again, my medicine, dinner, bath and bed routine.. you get my point. What if life was made more simple by having night help, a fully cooked meal and cleaning help on hand. Apiari offers a babysitting housekeeper and  fully cooked meal delivery in addition to other postpartum services.  As a single mom when my family isn’t available this is something I will definately need.

More on The New York Baby Show

With over 200 exhibitors and sponsors and 5000 families in attendance this year I guarantee you would have found something that works for you in all stages of parenting. Some of the show featured were classes, a cafe, lounges, giveaways and more. If you want to know what you missed be sure to attend next year and check out New York Baby Show online, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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