What’s Popping Lay’s! All-new Poppables in stores

All-new Poppables Snack

Last week I partied with Lay’s brand while previewing their new Poppables chip at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City. I had to brush up on my dancing skills as I “popped and locked” with celebrity dancer Beau Casper Smart who choreographed a dance for guest. It was a great mini workout so I could snack the night away guilt free.


The new Poppables flavors are sea salt and white cheddar. It’s a potato snack that’s small and airy with a light taste that melts in your mouth. You just cant stop at one, I know I certainly couldn’t. While both Poppables were delicious in taste my personal favorite was the sea salt. I tried it paired with sweet and savory foods giving me ideas on what I could do at home for a treat.

Am I making you hungry yet? Poppables are officially in stores now so you can check your local retailer to get some of your own. Which Poppables flavor would you try?

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