Widowed Mom Michelle Williams Winning In Venom Movie

I can’t help myself, every time I see Michelle Williams I feel a sense of comradery. In life she is a widowed Mom living her best life, in her chapter two, and I am here for it. Seeing Michelle in a “super hero” movie is like life imitating art.

In Venom Michelle plays Anne Weying who is the woman Venom (played by Tom Hardy) loves. Anne was truly bad ass, running against the crowd in the face of danger to save the day.

Michelle Williams stars in VENOM

There was no one better to play one of the bravest characters in Venom than Michelle. I felt pride, and excitement watching her deliver in the perfect on screen chemistry with Tom Hardy.

Venom kept me and my son entertained the whole way through, despite what some of these negative Nancy reviews say. You will want to grab your kid to check out Venom in theatres October 5th.

Side note: My son waited for this scene the whole movie shouting “finally he’s (Venom) gonna rip this guys head off!”

Now go! A movie night out is the perfect way to start this three day weekend. After you see the movie let us know what you think.

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